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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xmstringcreate (redhat section 3)

XmStringCreate(library call)											      XmStringCreate(library call)

XmStringCreate -- A compound string function that creates a compound string
#include <Xm/Xm.h> XmString XmStringCreate( char *text, char *tag);
XmStringCreate creates a compound string with two components: text and a font list element tag. The function will allocate space to hold the returned compound string. When the application no longer needs the returned compound string, the application should call XmStringFree. text Specifies a NULL-terminated string to be used as the text component of the compound string. tag Specifies the tag component to be associated with the given text. The value XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG identifies a locale text seg- ment.
Returns a new compound string.
XmFontList(3), XmFontListAdd(3), XmFontListAppendEntry(3), XmFontListCopy(3), XmFontListCreate(3), XmFontListEntryCreate(3), XmFontListEn- tryFree(3), XmFontListEntryGetFont(3), XmFontListEntryGetTag(3), XmFontListEntryLoad(3), XmFontListFree(3), XmFontListFreeFontContext(3), XmFontListGetNextFont(3), XmFontListInitFontContext(3), XmFontListNextEntry(3), XmFontListRemoveEntry(3), XmString(3), XmStringBaseline(3), XmStringByteCompare(3), XmStringCompare(3), XmStringConcat(3), XmStringCopy(3), XmStringCreateLocalized(3), XmStringCreateLtoR(3), XmStringCreateSimple(3), XmStringDirection(3), XmStringDirectionCreate(3), XmStringDraw(3), XmStringDrawImage(3), XmStringDrawUnderline(3), XmStringEmpty(3), XmStringExtent(3), XmStringFree(3), XmStringFreeContext(3), XmStringGetLtoR(3), XmStringGetNextComponent(3), XmStringGet- NextSegment(3), XmStringHasSubstring(3), XmStringHeight(3), XmStringInitContext(3), XmStringLength(3), XmStringLineCount(3), XmStringNCon- cat(3), XmStringNCopy(3), XmStringPeekNextComponent(3), XmStringSegmentCreate(3), XmStringSeparatorCreate(3), XmStringTable(3), and XmStringWidth(3). XmStringCreate(library call)

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