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ggz(7)					 GGZ Gaming Zone				   ggz(7)

       ggz - The GGZ Gaming Zone

       The  GGZ Gaming Zone is a standards-conforming online gaming infrastructure which provides
       many applications and games to people who like to play on the internet or  in  local  net-

       There isn't a single executable named ggz, instead a multitude of programs is available to
       the user, and even more which operate on the system level or are used  by  developers  and
       administrators.	 Users	will most likely want to connect to a GGZ server on the internet,
       such as ggz://live.ggzgamingzone.org, to play games against other  people.   Core  clients
       are used to perform this task.

       Games  are  usually launched by the GGZ server, with corresponding game clients running on
       the user's desktop. Plenty of games are available for GGZ, most of them	coming	from  the
       GGZ project itself but several independent game projects do now provide GGZ support.

       While  some  GGZ  game  clients are suited for online gaming only, others also run locally
       like normal games happen to do. Those will be found in the desktop's application menu.

	      GGZ applications, tools, and the games which provide single player mode.

	      GGZ game client and server libraries.

	      Data files for game clients and servers.

       GGZ  Design  Document  and  Protocol   Reference,   available   at   http://www.ggzgaming-

       GGZ    Client-Client    Protocol    Reference,	 available    at    http://www.ggzgaming-

       GGZ    Server-Server    Protocol    Reference,	 available    at    http://www.ggzgaming-

       Freedesktop.org	specifications	for  desktop  integration of games and applications, more
       information at http://www.freedesktop.org/

       File  Hierarchy	Standard  for  unix-derived  operating	 systems,   at	 http://www.path-

       ggz_h(3),    ggzcore_h(3),    ggzmod_h(3),    libggz(3),    libggzcore(3),   libggzmod(3),
       attributes(5), ggz.modules(5), gnome-interfaces(5), ggz(6), ggz-config(6)

       GGZ Gaming Zone:

	  The GGZ Development Team <ggz-dev@mail.ggzgamingzone.org>
	  Last edited by Michal Pryc, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2008.

The GGZ Development Team		      0.0.14					   ggz(7)
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