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ggz(6)					 GGZ Gaming Zone				   ggz(6)

       ggz - GGZ Gaming Zone core client selector

       ggz [URI]

       The  GGZ  Gaming  Zone  allows  people  to play many games online using so-called GGZ core
       clients which are chat clients with integrated game launchers.

       The ggz tool can be used as a shortcut to start the most suitable core client without wor-
       rying  which  ones  are	installed. The tool is useful for launching GGZ core clients from
       other software, but it will certainly also be used by experienced users who just  want  to
       connect to GGZ quickly.

       Since  the  available program options varies between the core clients, only the common URL
       parameter is supported. This is a connection identifier of the  form  ggz://user@host:port
       and will in most cases be abbreviated to user@host.

       ggz_h(3),    ggzcore_h(3),    ggzmod_h(3),    libggz(3),    libggzcore(3),   libggzmod(3),
       attributes(5), ggz.modules(5), gnome-interfaces(5), ggz-config(6), ggz(7)

       GGZ Gaming Zone:

	  The GGZ Development Team <ggz-dev@mail.ggzgamingzone.org>
	  Last edited by Michal Pryc, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2008.

The GGZ Development Team		      0.0.14					   ggz(6)
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