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Old 02-22-2002
OpenBSD Questions


Today I installed OpenBSD, and it went great (I hope)

But I'm a little confused.. I've run ŽLinux slackware before, and when I recompiled the kernel there, I did it in /usr/src/linux-xxx

But in OpenBSD the /usr/src dir is empty!

And how do I get X-windows to work? I tried to install nvidia kernel and nvidia-glx, but I couldnt..

Where are there HOWTO's and stuff for openbsd?

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Old 02-23-2002
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Old 02-25-2002
What nVidia card are you using? I am using a Riva TNT 16 meg on my OpenBSD 2.9 installation. If you are using a GEForce2 or greater, you will probably have some problems with X-Window. I don't think that the GEForce2 drivers have made it to BSD land yet.

As for kernel compilation, look under /sys/arch/i386/conf/. You will find some sample kernel configuration files. I took GENERIC and copied it to OBSDBOX and made my modifications and had at it to make my custom kernel for my machine.
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