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Old 05-19-2002
Java OpenBSD as router?


Right now, my computer is connected directly to the internet.. but I recently got another one, and now I want to use this to share my internet connection to the other one.

The new one has openbsd installed..

How should I do?

I also need to forward connections on some ports to my old computer..

Any good howto?

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Old 05-20-2002
You need to get a router. You can by a good router for $90 to $140. There is a good site for this type of thing.

A GREAT site. search for setting up a home network. They really have a lot of great information on this site!

Personally, I am going to get a wireless so I can use my Business laptop for VPN and also for my home PC and my wife's MAC G3.

They usually come with firewall technology as well. I have a great PC firewall called ZONEALARM. It is great!!!

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Old 05-20-2002
I have a LinkSys router, but right now I am only using it to provide NAT functionality. Right now, all my traffic from the LinkSys is sent from the LinkSys to my OpenBSD box acting as firewall/proxy server.

I also run natd on the OpenBSD machine to route traffic to my FreeBSD mailserver behind the OpenBSD box.

I prefer the OpenBSD box as it gives me fine grain control of what I let in/out/monitor. I am using OpenBSD 2.9 with two 3Com905 NICs and it works just fine.

I still use ZoneAlarm on my Win32 machines so that I can control what apps try to contact the outside world. ZoneAlarm is great!

There are a large number of tutorials on how to setup an OpenBSD box as a router.

Here is one such article that is well written:

It's a little overkill for a home situation, but it keeps me entertained for hours on end. My wife just doesn't understand why it is cool that we have a mail server in the house. She just looks at me and smiles. Smilie
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Old 05-20-2002

Must be the water in North Texas. Because I like your way of looking at it!!!

Linksys is a very good router. I am aiming for a wireless router. Any insight for that?
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Old 05-20-2002
Re: OpenBSD as router?

Originally posted by Maestin

... I want to use this to share my internet connection to the other one.....
Your new computer is the one directly connected to the internet?

How should I do?
I also need to forward connections on some ports to my old computer..
Any good howto?

Read the man page for nat.conf and /etc/nat.conf, it's almost self explaining.
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