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Old 01-25-2001
Yes, as you can see from the error message, the problem is that the binary cannot find the required dynamic lib when the binary is executed, which is a problem based on the dynamic loader (linker) and not something a patch fixes.

One quick way to fix this is to copy the libs to a standard ld path, like /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib (you might have to run a command like ldconfig or whatever for Solaris to insure the ld cache is updated). However, normally, there is an environmental variable for this (and this is my preferred approach). If you don't use env vars, then the ld config file is preferred. (this is all a matter of personal choice, however, and some folks just copy the files to /usr/local/lib or some place like that....)

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Old 01-25-2001
I would like to use an enviornment variable, however I do not know which one to use. we have a LD_LIBRARY_PATH which equals a ton of directories associated with another application on this machine. We also had a JAVA_PATH which I do not see any more. The symbolic link,?? can that be changed to point to the libraries. It now points to /usr/java/jre? What am I exactly suppose to point to. Is it /usr/j2se/jre/lib or one of the directories I wrote out in my long reply above? There is also a /usr/j2se/lib directory so I am very confused as to what variable to use and what lib directory cannot be found. Thanks again.
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Old 01-25-2001
LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a good environmental variable for adding directories to the LD (dynamic loader) search path. This path is not for Java classes, but for the libs (lib*.so and lib*.a files). There is a different environmental variable for the search path for Java classes.
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Old 01-25-2001

Sorry this is still dragging on. I added to LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/client:/usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/server:/usr/j2se/lib/sparc:/usr/j2se/lib:/usr/j2se:

It didnt work (Do i need to reboot?) I then added this stuff to the PATH variable as well, same result. I keep getting;

Error: failed /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/client/libjvm.so, because ld.so.1: /bin/../java/bin/../bin/sparc/native_threads/java: fatal: libCrun.so.1: open failed: No such file or directory

I cant find this libCrun.so.1 myself? Any further ideas? What is that file? Thank you so much for your valuable input so far.

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Old 01-25-2001
Question libCrun.so.1 not on my system?

I cannot find the file libCrun.so.1 but I did find it was included in Patch 105591-09. All attempts to add this patch seemed to fail. At first I was warned that patchadd was being used isntead of installpatch as the instructions stated. Then I seemed to get it to install by using pkgadd -d <dir>/<patch-id>/pkg SUNMlibC.

Hoever, the file is still not there. Isn't it possible i am missing this file in the /user/lib directory and how do I get it? This is becomming much more difficult then i could have imagined. Thank You
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Old 01-25-2001
You have to search your filesystem for the file, libCrun.so.1 using some version of the find command (as you like) find / | grep libCrun.so.

Sometimes there has been a new version, i.e. libCrun.so.14 installed and you have to fix the symbolic link etc. For example, if a binary is built to load libCrun.so.1 and there is a patch or upgrade to libCrun.so and the current version is libCrun.so.19, you must create a symbolic link as required.

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Old 01-25-2001

The jdk is the latest from sun and it seems to be looking for libCrun.so.1 so i believe that is the latest version of that file. I will try to find the file on the machine but I do not understand how I can load a patch that specifically states it has that file included in it and then I cant find the file. What is the best way to do a full machine search for a file as i am still very new to this system. thanks again.
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