create directory(1m)													      create directory(1m)

create directory - Creates a directory SYNOPSIS
cdscp create directory directory-name [clearinghouse clearinghouse-name] ARGUMENTS
The full name of the directory The name of the clearinghouse in which you create the directory. DESCRIPTION
The create directory command creates a directory with the name that you specify. If you do not specify a clearinghouse, CDS creates the master replica of the directory in the same clearinghouse as the new directory's parent directory. Privilege Required You must have the following permissions in order to create a directory: read and insert permission to the parent directory; write permis- sion to the clearinghouse in which the master replica of the new directory is to be stored. In addition, the server principal must have read and insert permission to the parent directory. NOTES
To ensure that all replicas are consistent, perform an immediate skulk of the parent directory after issuing this command. This command is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may not be provided in future releases of DCE. EXAMPLE
The following command creates a directory named /.:/sales. cdscp> create directory /.:/sales RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: delete directory(1m), list directory(1m), set directory(1m), set directory to skulk(1m), show directory(1m) create directory(1m)