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Old 10-16-2001
Question finding files

I need to write a script that will find all of the files in my current directory that contain a html extension that contains a URL with my user ID as a command line argument and have yhe script display the names of the files selected along with a count of the files found. I'm totally lost ???? Any ideas????
Find html*
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Old 10-16-2001
Without giving you the solution, I will say
that you could use the "find" command to
first find all the files with extension ".html"
and use the output of find as input to a loop
in which you can then use the "grep" command
to find the URL pattern you seek. You can then use
the "echo" command to write the filenames to
a file using I/O redirection (hint: >>)
In the loop, every time you find a file with
the specified you can increment a variable
using the "expr" command.

I would suggest a thorough reading of all of the
following man pages...


...and of course the man page for the shell
you wish to program the script in (sh, ksh, bash
or csh).
Once you get somthing started, you can ask more
questions if you get stuck.
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Old 10-17-2001
try something like this :


find . -name "*.html" | grep "yourusernamewithoutquotas" > testfile


Also look at the man pages as suggested above.

Good luck
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Old 10-17-2001
Data What I have tried

Below is one of the things I have tried.

find *.html >> tempfile

ls -l | grep -c [www] AND [jseiple] tempfile

echo $1 "number of files and file names"
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Old 10-18-2001
Looks Ok for now,

put a little bit more efford and you will manage it.

Good luck to you !!!
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