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need help for finding files

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Old 06-09-2011
need help for finding files


I am trying to find two files in a if condition to do a task

Please find below the script that i have built
while read line
filename = $line

if [[ -f $filename+".dat"] && [ -f $filename+".trg"]]; then
    cp /tmp/$filename.dat /sftp/$filename.dat
    cat $filename "no trg file associated" >> /sftp/sftp_log.$datetime

done < /tmp/sftp.uniq

I am getting the below error
conditional binary operator expected
syntax error near `-f'
`if [[ -f $filename+".dat"] && [ -f $filename+".trg"]]; then'

Please suggest, how can i correct this

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Old 06-09-2011
Brackets don't work that way. You can't mix [[ ]] and [ ] inside each other.

Also, string concatenation doesn't work that way. $var+".ext" will give you "filename+.ext"

Also, equals don't work that way. Don't put any extra spaces between the variable, the equals, and the contents.

Also, brackets do need a space between them and the things inside them.

Also, cat doesn't work that way. There's no file named "no trg file associated" so it will throw an error. I think you wanted echo.

Also, there's no reason to reopen /sftp/sftp_log.$datetime umpteen times when you can just redirect the loop's output once.

Also, you should use the ${filename} syntax instead of $filename, since the shell will always know when the var begins and ends.

while read line

        if [[ -f "${filename}.dat" ]] && [[ -f "${filename}.trg" ]]; then
                cp /tmp/$filename.dat /sftp/$filename.dat
                  echo "${filename}: no trg file associated"
done < /tmp/sftp.uniq >> /sftp/sftp_log.$datetime

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Old 06-09-2011
A space is missing before ]]
...trg" ]]...

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Old 06-09-2011
Thank you for your replies guys...

I tried the code in red with the space

That did work a bit, it went into the while loop and printing the error message multiple times

Error message as below

filename: command not found

seems like the value is not getting into filename variable

filename = "$line"

Please suggest

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Got it, i found that there is no reason to assign the line value to filename, hence used the line itself and it is working fine.

Thanks for all your help
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Old 06-09-2011
That's not precisely my code you're using, you added things here and there, like spaces.
Originally Posted by ramkiran77
filename = "$line"
Originally Posted by Corona688
Also, equals don't work that way. Don't put any extra spaces between the variable, the equals, and the contents.

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