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Old 07-24-2001
Network ftp permissions error


I am not really even a newbie I'm just posing as one until our sys admin gets back from vacation.

I am getting errors downloading certain files from an NT Server onto our inhouse Unix fileserver.

Certain files always return errors when downloading to their proper directory. (permission denied to local server) I can upload these same files to the NT server just fine.

I can download said files to my c drive, and to the fileservers directories, even the root of the site I'm working on. It is the particular folder that won't allow the specific file to download. In fact, all folders on THAT LEVEL will not accept the file. (yet they ALL accept the ones that DO work just fine)

Another user in the office is able to do same thing to the same site on same unix fileserver via his machine with no problem. We're both on pcs, win98.

Can anyone me out? I'll pass it on to the sys admin.

Thanks much!
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Old 07-24-2001
you may check this file system/folder to see if it is local or not; it may share out from another srever and only allow some certain users/groups to write into it.

Hope this helpSmilie
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Old 07-24-2001
as yellowfish said. It deffinetly sounds like a permission problem on either the NT server or the Unix Directory you are trying to upload to.

It is kinda fuzzy but what i make out is you get an error when pulling files from the UNIX (files resides here) => NT. correct? if so from the error you stated sounds like a UNIX permission problem. If it is NT (file resides here) => UNIX. then it would be a NT permission problem.
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