kde on solaris 8 intel

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Old 03-08-2002
kde on solaris 8 intel

Have anyone use kde for solaris, if so can you help me download and configure it. i don't know which files i should download for solaris because there lots of files. Could you point me to the right path.thanks in advance.
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Old 03-10-2002
If you are a newbie and wish to install the KDE on solaris 8 go for purchase the CD on retail rather then downloading it. (Also i dunt think so the downloads are this available, might be available). But do buy the CD. Check the Solaris webpage for KDE. Also do check the FAQ in this Forum for downloading relateds.
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Old 03-12-2002
Eh, am I missing something?
I have the Solaris8 operating environment, I was one of those who also downloaded the Intel version.
After installing the 4 CD set, KDE is in /opt/sfw/kde - I think the CD containing this is called 'The Companion CD' - a weird name, since it is absolutely indispensable (The compiler is on it!)
The Fourth is called 'Documentation' and is not completely indispensable if you have a permanent Internet connection, but it is in the set.
The only two CD's that are not necessary are the 1'st install CD (!!?) and the 'Languages' CD - no computer languages, just a whole set of obscure Human languages. I installed that one believing that the compiler was there, together with Pascal,Prolog,Lisp,Forth - I deinstalled it immediately after Smilie

On Intel, the only way now is to order the Media Kit, like suggested, and install the whole thing.

KDE should be part of that???

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Old 03-12-2002


man.. your right there is the kde packages that is on the companion cd, i just install it and i ran the script to have it on the login screen, once i try to login in it kick me right out, i don't know what wrong, i would really appreciate if you can help thanks in advance.

Since im on my laptop and using the porting kit can that be a problem.
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Old 03-12-2002
Did you download it ? If yes, then you are in trouble. If no ( you purchased the CD and installed it, did you see any error messages promptup during installation? VGA configurations? Also what do you mean as once you login it kickyou out. Pls define. Since you are using a Laptop to install are you using any PCMCIA card ? model , descp ? Some PCMCIA card need to be configured in Text mode before you check in to X.
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Old 03-12-2002
I think there are some permission issues here.
But first of all, you must be sure that you PATH reaches deep into the KDE habitat
+all the ../bin's you find.

also, you must set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to

/opt/sfw/lib:/usr/lib: .... all the 'lib's you find.

I hate KDE, so I never run it. But, it needs to run a sort of KDE daemon called DCOPSERVER or similar - KDE doesn't run without it.

OK, so I just got it going.
Log in as root command line login.
Be sure to set PATH and stuff as above.

Start kdm.

Now, log in as you - if you get twm or some stuff like that, do a ps -a to find its pid, kill it and start kde.

And remember:
This is NOT the way to do it!

there probably is some install scrip somewhere that does it all autokludgily.


PS: I don't hate it that much, but what do you want that stuff for when there is Motif?
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Old 03-12-2002
I want to clarify that downloading does not automagically make it no good. The only time I have ever had a bad download of a large software piece was my own fault, because I didn't burn the ISO correctly.

And yes, Motif rules Smilie
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