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Old 03-12-2002
About Motif: It evolves just like KDE and GNOME, but doesn't bloat as much Smilie

And about downloads, that might depend of where you download from.
In the area where I live, it has gone from Impossible_to_run_even_300_baud via _ISDN_at_$400_a_month to perfectly OK in 3 years.

I was the first to have an Internet connection here, I ordered it in 1994, got it in 1996, but it cost about an average person's salary just to get mail - and it was unusable for anything else - with ISDN it would still take 15 min. just to get 5 mails.
Then the phone company went semi-private, and now, they dug up the street, and put in a cable just for me, I have my own cable!
And since 1999, I have been able to download anything with no errors.
It took some experimenting, at least with this particular modem (Alcatel Speed Touch) - I put in a hub to reduce the transfer rate and prevent the modem from resetting every 10 min.
Also, I use wget -c --passive-ftp - should the modem get a hickup, it will continue once it is back up.
It would be fun to see how some other people set up their Internet connections, and for how long they have had them?


PS: Historical note: My first "Internet" connection was a DataPak 2400 baud connection I had in Grimstad, 200 km from Oslo, where I worked.
This was in 1986, and working from home was just starting, I think I was the first in my village to work over the 'Net'.
I had no direct access to ArpaNet, but a BBS in my area downloaded all the interesting stuff, and gave access to Usenet. My 'PC' was a CompuPro-286 capable of runnning Uniplus System V when using a 68k processor card. The computers cost more than the house and cars together, and had the processing power of a slowish 486!
... ah, old people and their rants about old times :-)
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Old 03-12-2002

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. GEEZZ it not working here my path look.

i still have the same problem.. what is really weird that when i start it, it seem like it is start the openwindow than boom it switch to the login window again, i get an error the admin server is not running but i don't think that the problem, what is this admin server, and can you tell me about this mofit desktop. Okay thanks very much for your time.


Maybe im doing something incorrect after i reboot my computer the when i echo the path it seems to disapear..
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Old 03-12-2002
We're gonna take this step by step from the top.
Solaris CDE can be a tricky beast, and it seems like that is the one you've got.
At the Login Screen, check the menu that says "Options->Session"

It probably says "User's last desktop".

What you want is "Failsafe" (Oh, yeah!Smilie )

That one should get you an 'empty' desktop, no wm, nothing.
Now try 'startkde' - your PATH covers a lot fo ground, certainly enough for that.

This may or may not work, if it doesn't, you want to look for "ld.so xxxx" - failing to load an .so

for each one of these, you need to track down where it lives (find / -name xxxxx -print) and
include its directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

So far, no good, as my father used to say.

Now, all we need is that d@#% DCOPserver.

Do an su and start it as root, that's what I did, have no idea if it's correct.

You may need to put them in the startkde script!

Also, some of these Linux scripts assumes that there is only one shell in the world, the "shell" aka. bash.
Check the script, any lines of type
export VAR=xxx
can easily be changed to

export VAR

or make a csh equivalent.

Now, how is this?

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