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lock_init(9r)															     lock_init(9r)

lock_init - General: Initializes a complex lock SYNOPSIS
#include <kern/lock.h> void lock_init( lock_t lock_structptr, boolean_t can_sleep ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to the complex lock structure, lock. The lock structure is an opaque data structure; that is, its associated members are referenced and manipulated by the operating system and not by the user of the complex lock mechanism. Specifies a Boolean value that indicates whether to allow kernel threads to block (sleep) if the complex lock is asserted. You can pass to this argument only the value TRUE (allow kernel threads to block if the lock is asserted). DESCRIPTION
The lock_init routine initializes a complex lock. You identify this lock by declaring a pointer to a complex lock structure and passing it as the first argument. The complex lock structure pointer must be initialized before you can assert read and write operations on the com- plex lock. RETURN VALUES
Routines: lock_done(9r), lock_read(9r), lock_terminate(9r), lock_try_read(9r), lock_try_write(9r), lock_write(9r) Data Structures: lock(9s) lock_init(9r)

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