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Old 11-05-2001
user creation problem


Actually I want to create a user for our brower based custom application for the mail access from our mailserver(linux).

I create user dummy and I granted all the privileages to dummy user and made dummy equivelent to root and if I tried to create a another user logging as dummy by giving the below command in linux

$ useradd test

it is giving the message the below message

useradd: unable to lock the Password file

what may be the reason and how to solve the problem...

with regards
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Old 11-05-2001
I'm not sure exactly what method useradd uses to lock the password file, but I would try the following:
  • Run a 'ps ax' to look for any hung useradd processes or any other process that may be modifying the password file. Close or kill them.
  • Run an 'ls -l /etc/passwd*' and look for a potential lock file. It may be called passwd~, passwd.lock, etc. Remove it (or move it to /tmp as a safety measure)
  • Run an 'ls -la /var/lock' to look for any lock files. Again, remove or move them.
  • If you are still unable to run your command, try 'strace useradd <arguments>'
    This should show you the name of the lock file being accessed. You can then remove it.
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