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Old 07-24-2001
Question New section

What are the chances of possibly posting some of the more common how-to type stuff for the newbies so we can avoid the repititious stuff that appears every other day? Not so much like a Q&A forum, but more like a reference area for the mundane stuff.

Beyond searching the forum, I think people would check something like that before asking questions.
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Old 07-24-2001
I think the chances are pretty good.! I will start a new section called something like "FAQ: The Best Posts of UNIX.COM" and with subsections appropriately made. We will copy some of the best posts on many subjects to that section and lock the threads, as a FAQ. Structure TBD.

This will help keep the server faster so people don't have to search too much .... and try to think of clever key words (which can be helpful if English is not your native language.)

Great suggestion Smilie Thanks.

Please be patient and I'll start this when I have some time. Suggestions on threads to include welcome, of course!! If you have any particular threads you like that cover FAQ questions, please post them here.
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Old 07-24-2001
OK. I've taken two items from PxT's FAQ and reproduced this part of his FAQ in 'forum style'. PxT created these two link-faqs so he is the moderator, which means he can copy threads over to the FAQs he moderates.

Other Senior forum members who have FAQ ideas and want to copy threads over to the FAQ area, please let me know and I will build a self-maintained FAQ (for you to moderate) by having subcategories each with a moderator to move over 'the best of the best' threads.

Thanks for the suggestion, BTW.
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Old 07-25-2001
Once again, Neo comes through with a solid addition to the forum. Thanks and good job!
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