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Old 10-18-2002
Error How to detect process

Dear Sir,
Now I use oracle database on AIX server and found some user use iligal program such as development tool logon to my database.
I want to detect the process of illegal program and kill it.
Could you please suggest me to make detect process.
Thank you very much
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Old 10-18-2002

ps -ef | grep (process name)

this will show you if the process is running

To kill the process issue

kill -9 (process id)
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Old 10-18-2002
lock em out if this continues!!!!

You can create a script and then have it run every few minutes to kill the offending process, so that they will have great difficulty doing it again.

You should be able to search for "capture PID" on this forum and find a script that will help you out. Then you can kill it at you leisure!!! Smilie

If this remains a very serious problem, I would suggest talking to their boss or I would lock out the user from the box. Change their password to a *.
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