pppoe-start not working

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Operating Systems Linux Slackware pppoe-start not working
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pppoe-start not working

Hello. I'm new here and i'm new to slack (concept) as well. I made a connection for pppoe with pppoe-setup, bringed up eth0 with ifconfig but when i try pppoe-connect i get "Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP" and with pppoe-start i get "child pppd process terminated". How can i make it work?
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PPPOE-DISCOVERY(8)					      System Manager's Manual						PPPOE-DISCOVERY(8)

pppoe-discovery - perform PPPoE discovery SYNOPSIS
pppoe-discovery [ options ] pppoe-discovery { -V | -h } DESCRIPTION
pppoe-discovery performs the same discovery process as pppoe, but does not initiate a session. It sends a PADI packet and then prints the names of access concentrators in each PADO packet it receives. OPTIONS
-I interface The -I option specifies the Ethernet interface to use. Under Linux, it is typically eth0 or eth1. The interface should be "up" before you start pppoe-discovery, but should not be configured to have an IP address. The default interface is eth0. -D file_name The -D option causes every packet to be dumped to the specified file_name. This is intended for debugging only. -U Causes pppoe-discovery to use the Host-Uniq tag in its discovery packets. This lets you run multiple instances of pppoe-discovery and/or pppoe without having their discovery packets interfere with one another. You must supply this option to all instances that you intend to run simultaneously. -S service_name Specifies the desired service name. pppoe-discovery will only accept access concentrators which can provide the specified service. In most cases, you should not specify this option. Use it only if you know that there are multiple access concentrators or know that you need a specific service name. -C ac_name Specifies the desired access concentrator name. pppoe-discovery will only accept the specified access concentrator. In most cases, you should not specify this option. Use it only if you know that there are multiple access concentrators. If both the -S and -C options are specified, they must both match. -A This option is accepted for compatibility with pppoe, but has no effect. -V | -h Either of these options causes pppoe-discovery to print its version number and usage information, then exit. AUTHORS
pppoe-discovery was written by Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>, based on pppoe by David F. Skoll <dfs@roaringpenguin.com>. SEE ALSO
pppoe(8), pppoe-sniff(8) PPPOE-DISCOVERY(8)

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