Solaris 10, start inetd in a zone not working

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10, start inetd in a zone not working
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Old 08-07-2011
Solaris 10, start inetd in a zone not working

Hello all,

I`ve the following problem - I cannot start inetd in any way possible:

bash-3.00# svcs inetd
STATE          STIME    FMRI
offline        Jul_30   svc:/network/inetd:default
bash-3.00# svcadm enable -r inetd
bash-3.00# svcs inetd
STATE          STIME    FMRI
offline        Jul_30   svc:/network/inetd:default
bash-3.00# svcadm -v enable -r inetd
svc:/network/inetd:default enabled.
svc:/network/loopback enabled.
svc:/system/filesystem/local enabled.
svc:/milestone/single-user enabled.
svc:/system/identity:node enabled.
svc:/system/filesystem/minimal enabled.
svc:/system/filesystem/usr enabled.
svc:/system/boot-archive enabled.
svc:/system/filesystem/root enabled.
svc:/system/device/local enabled.
svc:/milestone/devices enabled.
svc:/system/manifest-import enabled.
svc:/milestone/sysconfig enabled.
svc:/milestone/name-services enabled.

This is in an zone, on the global inetd is working fine.
Also i cannot seem to find the start up script in /lib/svc/method/
Any help will be much appreciated.
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Old 08-08-2011
It seems we have the same issue. See this:
SMF: How to start inetd and all its dependents?

Did you change the zonepath? As I remember the problem occurred after I moved the zone to a new zonepath.
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Old 08-08-2011
As far as I know the zones haven`t been moved, but I will have to look deeper in that since this is happening on 4 zones and all of them are on different globals.
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Old 08-08-2011
It's a tough one. Gurus please help!!

I did repair a corrupt repository using the default repository (see below), still not working.

# cp /lib/svc/seed/nonglobal.db /etc/svc/repository.db 
# reboot (only reboot zone)

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Old 08-08-2011
Post output of
tail -20 /var/svc/log/network-inetd:default.log

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Old 08-08-2011
# tail -20 /var/svc/log/network-inetd:default.log
[ Jul 26 10:24:47 Enabled. ]
[ Jul 26 11:33:34 Enabled. ]
[ Jul 26 13:33:38 Enabled. ]
[ Aug  8 06:52:56 Rereading configuration. ]
[ Aug  8 07:15:32 Rereading configuration. ]
[ Aug  8 07:22:22 Enabled. ]
[ Aug  8 07:58:31 Disabled. ]
[ Aug  8 07:58:31 Rereading configuration. ]
[ Aug  8 07:58:59 Enabled. ]
[ Aug  8 08:13:47 Enabled. ]
[ Aug  8 08:21:36 Enabled. ]
[ Aug  8 08:53:27 Enabled. ]
[ Aug  8 11:36:17 Disabled. ]
[ Aug  8 11:36:18 Rereading configuration. ]
[ Aug  8 11:36:26 Disabled. ]
[ Aug  8 11:36:52 Enabled. ]
[ Aug  8 11:44:41 Disabled. ]
[ Aug  8 11:44:41 Rereading configuration. ]
[ Aug  8 11:45:13 Enabled. ]
[ Aug  8 12:58:31 Enabled. ]

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Old 08-09-2011
My request was directed to OP, as he was having problem with starting inetd service.
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