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Script to extract line from logfile

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Old 09-18-2009
Script to extract line from logfile

Hi ,
Can someone help me,I am not well versed with scripting,it is very urjent.

Need a script in perl or shell for the following task.

The logfile contains several entries of which one particular string to be searched and that complete line has to be removed and copied to another file to maitain a record.

The path of logfile "C:\webapps\data\servername\logs\logfile_systemdat.log

The string to be searched is "GuestUser"

The complete line is as follows. - - [10-Sep-2009:00:01:59 -0700] 0 "GET /bsca/ APPS/1.1" 302 2 "-" "TMC Transaction Management Component Response Time Central/7.2.0+Action+GuestUser"

All the lines which contain the string Guestuser, has to be removed from the logfile and copied to another file to maintain a record.

The log files are generated on windows and Unix box - they are then copeid to windows box where the script has to run.

Thanks In Advance,
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Old 09-18-2009
Try this,

sed -i -e '/GuestUser/w output_file' -e '/GuestUser/d'  input_file


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Old 09-18-2009
Script to extract line from logfile

Hi Ranjith,

Appreciate your quick responce.
Can I get the complete script from opening the file from the path to reading the log.
Cut the line from logfile and save the file.

I also want to make a note here.
There would be several entries in the logfile.
Some start with date and some start with ip and the remaining part of the line differs with the login.
The sed you mentioned will that remove the complete line.

Thanks alot,
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Old 09-18-2009
awk is your friend :D

This is how you do it using awk.

This will create a files based on the input file names. The file without the lines you want removed will be <filename>.strip . The file with the lines removed will be <filename>.sav . <filename> is the path to the input file.

First make a file containing the awk code. I used log.awk for the example.

# strip lines out of file and make log of lines removed
# clause to make file name for output
(FNR == 1) {                    # check if first line of new file
        if ( NR != 1)           # see if this is not first file
                close(FILEOUT)  # if true, then we close previous files
        FILEOUT = FILENAME ".strip"     # create striped file name using input file name
        FILELOG = FILENAME ".sav"       # create file name for removed lines

# clause for ever line
        if ( $0 !~ /ntp/ )      # replace ntp with your pattern
                print > FILEOUT # save to stripped file if pattern not found
                print > FILELOG # save to remove log if pattern match

Change the pattern to whatever you want to use. (GuestUser?)

Then execute it using:

awk -f log.awk <list of files>

Where <list of files> is a bunch of files you want to process. You get a set of .sav and .strip files in the same directory as the source file.

Note: I don't believe in modifying source files when not necessary. Tools such as this should not modify input files.

If for some reason you want to do the same thing in a single line, use this format:

awk '(FNR == 1) { if ( NR != 1) { close(FILEOUT); close(FILELOG) } FILEOUT = FILENAME ".strip"; FILELOG = FILENAME ".sav" } { if ( $0 !~ /YOUR-PATTERN-HERE/ ) print > FILEOUT; else print > FILELOG }' <list-of-files>

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Old 09-19-2009
Dear jp2542a,

Can you complete the script from line one for me.I understand what you write but I wont be able to complete the script as I do not have scripting knowledge.You will be a great help to me.

1.The source logfile has to be edited and all stripped lines should be copied to one file.
2. The path of the logfiles will be C:\webapps\data\servername\logs\logfile_systemdat.log
3. The script has to run everyday,based on system date, read thru the file for each server,strip the line - copy the line to test.txt and save the log file.

Thanks Alot,
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Old 09-19-2009
I normally charge for when asked to produce a production ready product Smilie.

What is your execution environment? (linux, solaris, windows ?)

---------- Post updated at 07:15 PM ---------- Previous update was at 07:14 PM ----------

I normally charge for when asked to produce a production ready product Smilie.

What is your execution environment? (linux, solaris, windows ?)
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Old 09-20-2009
Here's one way to do it with Perl:

@ARGV = ("f1");
$^I = ".bak";
open(OP, ">f1.out");
while (<>) {
  if (/xyz/) {print OP}
  else {print}


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