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Script to extract line from logfile

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# 22  
Old 10-04-2009
Hi JP,

I made the changes as you suggested and executed the script.

$ awk -f log.awk gtest/svtaree/*
awk: log.awk:32: (FILENAME=gtest/svtaree/access_07.09.09.log FNR=111) fatal: can't redirect to `gtest/svtaree/access_07.09.09/test.txt' (No such file or directory)

$ awk -f log.awk gtest/*/*
awk: log.awk:32: (FILENAME=gtest/svtaree/access_07.09.09.log FNR=111) fatal: can't redirect to `gtest/svtaree/access_07.09.09/test.txt' (No such file or directory)

It did create a file access_07.09.09.log.strip.
The script this time copied the other entries and copied to access_07.09.09.log.strip, leaving the GuestUser entries in the original file.
And it looks like it took only the first logfile in the path.
# 23  
Old 10-05-2009
opps.. my bad

I forgot one of the attributes of the sub command, so I made a correction.

Replace the sub command with:

  s = split(FILELOG, a, "/")
  sub(a[s] "$", "test.txt", FILELOG)

This sequence doesn't care what the log file is named.

You will need a wrapper script to process archive files (i.e. tar or zip) before giving them to awk.

And it only processed the first file because awk terminated after the error.

Make sure you restore the log files before each test run of the script.
# 24  
Old 10-05-2009
Hey JP,

The changes worked.
It created the test.txt for each server.Excellent

# 25  
Old 10-08-2009
Hi JP,

Did you get time to create the final script ?
Waiting for your update.

# 26  
Old 10-08-2009

The script is done. What is left is for you to understand cron. Do a man on crontab and email me using the private mail if you have questions. TIme for me to move on....


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