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Old 09-27-2009
Yeah, but then I'm always shooting for the lowest common denominator. And then there is that whole at/cron thing that is part of Garry's requirement Smilie

There are always more than one way to get'er done Smilie
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Old 10-02-2009
Hi JP,

The script removed GuestUser string from all the logfiles in the path.
I tried the following -

awk -f log.awk gtest/svtaree/*
awk -f log.awk gtest/*/*

And the output on the screen was blank

Few questions -
1. Will the script work if the logfiles are located in different path.
2. Some of the logfiles are in tar and zip format.
3.The script should remove the GuestUser string from all the original logfile and copy to test.txt.

And sorry for troubling you dear.Was going thru a very hectice schedule and was only seeing to the word cygwin and not trying to understand it.

Thanks again,
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Old 10-02-2009
A few things:
  1. The script is expecting a list of paths to the log file as specified in your original problem definition. Your wildcard path name will match to things other than the log file name you first defined. It will work those files too. That may not be somethnig you want.
  2. Only error messages are output to the screen. No message means no errors.
  3. There should be a file named test.txt left in the same directory as the log file containing the removed lines.
  4. The script is not designed to process compressed or archived files.

Is the test.txt file not being created? If there were other files that weren't log files of the type you specified originally, there may no text.txt file and the file that you did give it via the wildcarding might be modified.
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Old 10-03-2009
Hi JP,

The logfile name is access_09.06.09.log
There is no other files in the server path except for logfiles.
And I did search for the test.txt file and it is not created

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Old 10-03-2009
The script does not work because you changed the rules. The script expects the log file to be logfile_systemdat.log, as you originally specified. And it only expects to have a list of paths to these log files on the command line. Again, this was part of your original spec. The file test.txt is not created because the log file name is not logfile_systemdat.log.

Given that these forums are meant to give guidance rather than be a source of production quality code and your stated urgency, I suggest you hire a consultant to complete your project.

The script I wrote for you will work for your original spec and can be used as a basis for your changing requirements.
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Old 10-04-2009
Hi JP,

As you are right I did metion the logfile_systemdate.log ( meaning name in string and then appended by the current system date dot.log)

Apologies if I have confused you.
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Old 10-04-2009
Try changing

sub(/logfile_systemdat.log/, "test.txt", FILELOG)


sub(/\/*\.log$/, "/test.txt", FILELOG)

This should cause the test.txt file to be created. If there are more that one log file per path then you will only have a test.txt for the last log file processed.
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