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Old 09-20-2009
Hi jp2542a,

Thankyou so much dear,anything you ask.

The execution environment is windows.

Thanks again,
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Old 09-20-2009
I will do it... a couple of caveats/questions:
  1. Are you using the cgywin/bash envrionment?
  2. Are you willing to test the script and provide detailed feedback?
  3. What is the maximum airspeed of an unladen swallow? <joking>
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Old 09-21-2009
Hi jp2542a,

It is Bash environment.
And why not I will provide you with the feedback.

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Old 09-22-2009
I've restructured the awk script based on your request. We need to do a few things first.

First thing is to set up a test environment. Make a directory structure with files that starts with C:\gtest instead of C:\webapps. It should contain copies of a few of the webapps directory.

Then copy the following awk code into a file named log.awk. I've tried to add comments to help you understand what it is doing.

# log.awk - strip lines out of file and make log of lines removed

# This clause is executed on the opening of each file on the command line
# It first checks to see if this is not the first file and cleans up the
#  previous files and copies the new stripped file to the old file
#  NOTE:  I would prefer if it didn't overwrite the input file...
# It then creates the names and commands it will need later
(FNR == 1) {                    # check if first line of new file
        if ( NR != 1)           # see if this is not first file
                close(FILEOUT)  # if true, then we close previous files
                system(FILECP)  # do the copy
                system(FILERM)  # remove the work file

        FILEOUT = FILENAME ".strip"     # create striped file name using input file name
        FILELOG = FILENAME              # create test.txt path
        sub(/logfile_systemdat.log/, "test.txt", FILELOG)

        FILECP = "cp " FILEOUT " " FILENAME     # copy command
        FILERM = "rm " FILEOUT          # remove strip file

# This clause executes for every line
# It copies lines from the input file to the appropriate output file
        if ( $0 !~ /GuestUser/ )      # test for pattern in line
                print > FILEOUT # save to stripped file if pattern not found
                print > FILELOG # save to remove log if pattern match

# This clause is executed when the last line of the last file is reached
        system(FILECP)  # clean up last file

Next execute the following command in the directory you put log.awk

awk -f log.awk C:\gtest\data\*\logs\logfile_systemdat.log

The * part should be a pattern that matches just the server names if there is something other than server names at that level.

Tell me if there are any error messages. Show me what you did and what you saw by copying the output screen. Check and see if you got what you expected in the test directories.

Once this works we will create a bash script that can be used by cron.
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Old 09-27-2009
Hi jp2542a,

Sorry for the late reply.I was travelling.

I copied the script into a notepad file and saved it as log.awk
And then copied some logfiles to this path - c\gtest\servername\logfiles
But did not understand how to execute the - awk -f log.awk C:\gtest\data\*\logs\logfile_systemdat.log

saved this line in a .bat file and tried to execute.
Let me reiterate the script has to be executed in windows environment.
And I think I made a mistake by replying bash enviroment,sorry for it.
Please guide me.

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Old 09-27-2009
geeze.. I thought this was a Unix and Linux Forum ;)


You gonna have to meet me half way here. While my main battle computer and fly-with-me laptop are windows based, I (and I suspect most here) am a Solaris/Linux/Unix/C/shell/awk/kernel kinda guy. Yeah, I do Windows... Just don't like to admit it... Most of the solutions here are targeted toward Unix kind of environments....

So, you need to install cygwin to get a proper Unix/Linux environment on Windows. Google it Smilie. There are instructions on how to download and install it. If you need me to help you install it, I'm gonna charge you Smilie .

Once you get it installed, then a bash shell (looks sorta like a Windows cmd prompt window). It will be in your start menu under cygwin.You will have a Unix/Linux/Solaris type shell environment that includes the awk command.

Simply type the awk command to the bash prompt.
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Old 09-27-2009
Or you can try Gawk for Windows Smilie
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