Parse a line which has different word length

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Old 09-08-2009
Parse a line which has different word length

Hi All,
Please let me know a command to parse the below line and find the words,
I have a line like this
40609 39930
In this above line the two words are separted by space.The length of this two words may differ.
I want to put 40609 in var_one and 39930 in var_two.
Input line is
40609 39930
echo $var_one
echo $var_two
(some command which should give the below ouput)

Thanks in advance,
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Old 09-08-2009

If you are reading the line from a file:

read var_one var_two < "$file"

If it's already in a variable:

var="40609 39930"
read var_one var_two <<.


var_one=${var% *}
var_two=${var#* }

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