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Print word 1 in line 1 and word 2 in line 2 if it matches a pattern

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Print word 1 in line 1 and word 2 in line 2 if it matches a pattern
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Old 08-31-2009
Print word 1 in line 1 and word 2 in line 2 if it matches a pattern

i have a file in this pattern
MATCH1 word1 IMAGE word3 word4
MATCH2 word1 word2 word3 word4
MATCH2 word1 word2 word3 word4
MATCH2 word1 word2 word3 word4
MATCH2 word1 word2 word3 word4
MATCH1 word1 IMAGE word3 word4
MATCH2 word1 word2 word3 word4
MATCH2 word1 word2 word3 word4
MATCH2 word1 word2 word3 word4
MATCH2 word1 word2 word3 word4
MATCH1 word1 IMAGE word3 word4
now where ever i find MACTH1 in the file i need to print all the word3's in MATCH2 line till next MATCH1 appears.My o/p should look like this
IMAGE word2,word2,word2
Hope my question is clear.Please help me on this
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Old 08-31-2009
Do not miss it!

Sounds great.
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Old 08-31-2009
With awk...

cat file | awk '/MATCH1/||/MATCH2/ {print $3}'

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Old 08-31-2009
Not sure that's what the OP wanted. Can the OP post a realistic sample of input and desired output files?

And anyway, you don't need cat for this: The Useless Use of cat Smilie
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Old 08-31-2009
Rather this...

awk '{ORS=""} /MATCH1/||/MATCH2/ {print $3,","}' file

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Old 08-31-2009
Originally Posted by protocomm
Rather this...

awk '{ORS=""} /MATCH1/||/MATCH2/ {print $3,","}' file

Thanks for this,But it will only Print word2 ,i i need IMAGE from MATCH1

the abv o/p will come like....

i need


sorry if i am not clear
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Old 08-31-2009
The output with the command line above give this output...

IMAGE ,word2 ,word2 ,word2 ,word2 ,IMAGE ,word2 ,word2 ,word2 ,word2 ,IMAGE

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