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sane-matsushita(5)							       sane-matsushita(5)

       sane-matsushita - SANE backend for Panasonic KV-SS high speed scanners

       The  sane-matsushita library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend that pro-
       vides access to some Panasonic KV-SS high speed scanners. This backend is stable.

       At present, the following scanners are known to work with this backend:

		Product id
		 KV-SS 25
		 KV-SS 25D

       Other Panasonic high speed scanners may or may not work with that backend.

       Valid command line options and their syntax can be listed by using
	      scanimage --help -d matsushita

       Scan Mode

       --mode selects the basic mode of operation of the scanner.

	      selects the resolution for a scan. Each model supports all or  a	subset	of  these
	      resolutions: 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 360, 400.

	      indicates whether to scan both side of the sheet.

	      selects the number of pages to scan (one or until the tray is empty).


       --paper-size A4|...|Legal|Letter [A4]
	      options selects the area to scan. It adjust the -l -t -x -y options accordingly. It
	      does not need to be the real size of the paper.

       -l -t -x -y
	      control the scan area: -l sets the top left x coordinate, -t the top left y coordi-
	      nate,  -x  selects  the width and -y the height of the scan aea. All parameters are
	      specified in milimeters. It is possible to use the option --paper-size instead.


	      controls the brightness of the acquired image. The value varies from 1 to  255,  or
	      less, depending on the scanner model.

	      controls	the  contrast  of  the	acquired  image.  Some models do not support that

	      automatically sets brightness, contrast, white level, gamma,  noise  reduction  and
	      image emphasis. These options are not available when automatic-threshold is in use.

	      option  sets  the tonal gradation for the halftone mode. Pattern downloading is not
	      implemented by the backend.

	      provides automatic separation of text and images.

	      option indicate the source of the white base.

	      reduces the isolated dot noise. This option is not supported by all scanners.

	      option sets the image emphasis. Some selection are not available on all scanners.

	      options set the gamma curve. It is only valid for Gray modes, and is not	available
	      on all scanners. Gamma downloading is not implemented by the backend.

       The  configuration  file  /etc/sane.d/matsushita.conf  supports the device name to use (eg
       /dev/scanner) and the scsi option to autodetect the scanners supported.

	      The static library implementing this backend.

	      The shared library implementing this  backend  (present  on  systems  that  support
	      dynamic loading).

	      If  the  library was compiled with debug support enabled, this environment variable
	      controls the debug level for this backend. E.g., a value of 128 requests all  debug
	      output to be printed. Smaller levels reduce verbosity.

       Memory in the KV-SS 25
	      The  KV-SS 25 has not enough internal memory to scan a whole A4 page in duplex mode
	      at high densities. The frontend will return a memory error  in  that  case.  Appar-
	      ently, the KV-SS 25D has not that problem.

       Pattern and gamma downloading
	      The  scanner, with the proper firmware, can download a halftone pattern and a gamma
	      table. This is not implemented.

	      The scanner can support up to 3 sub-areas on each side to define some more  precise
	      enhancment options. This is not implemented.

       Duplex mode
	      The  backend  does  not support the setting of different options for each side. The
	      scan will occur with the same options (halftone pattern, brightness,  image  empha-
	      sis) for both sides.

       To date, the only frontend capable of using this scanner at full speed is scanadf.

       A scanadf command line would be:

       scanadf -d matsushita --output-file scan%04d.pbm --start-count 0 --duplex --resolution 300
       --feeder-mode="All pages" --paper-size="A4"

       None known.

       sane-scsi(5), scanimage(1), xscanimage(1), xsane(1), sane(7)

       The package is actively maintained by Frank Zago.

					 April 21s, 2002		       sane-matsushita(5)
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