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REPQUOTA(8)									      REPQUOTA(8)

       repquota - summarize quotas for a file system

       repquota filesys...

       Repquota  prints  a  summary  of the disc usage and quotas for the specified file systems.
       For each user the current number files and amount of  space  (in  kilobytes)  is  printed,
       along with any quotas created with edquota(8).

       Only the super-user may view quotas which are not their own.

       quotas	 at the root of each file system with quotas
       /etc/fstab     for file system names and locations

       quota(1), quota(2), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8), edquota(8)

       Various messages about inaccessible files; self-explanatory.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		  April 27, 1985			      REPQUOTA(8)
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