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EDQUOTA(8)									       EDQUOTA(8)

       edquota - edit user quotas

       edquota [ -p proto-user ] users...

       Edquota	is  a quota editor.  One or more users may be specified on the command line.  For
       each user a temporary file is created with an ASCII representation  of  the  current  disc
       quotas  for  that  user and an editor is then invoked on the file.  The quotas may then be
       modified, new quotas added, etc.  Upon leaving the editor,  edquota  reads  the	temporary
       file and modifies the binary quota files to reflect the changes made.

       If  the -p option is specified, edquota will duplicate the quotas of the prototypical user
       specified for each user specified.  This is the normal mechanism used to initialize quotas
       for groups of users.

       The editor invoked is vi(1) unless the environment variable EDITOR specifies otherwise.

       Only the super-user may edit quotas.

       quotas	      at the root of each file system with quotas
       /etc/fstab     to find file system names and locations

       quota(1), quota(2), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8), repquota(8)

       Various messages about inaccessible files; self-explanatory.

       The format of the temporary file is inscrutable.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		   May 19, 1986 			       EDQUOTA(8)
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