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QUOTARESTORE(8) 		   BSD System Manager's Manual			  QUOTARESTORE(8)

     quotarestore -- restore dumped quota information to a file system volume

     quotarestore [-d] file-system [dump-file]

     The quotarestore program restores dumped quota information to a file system.  The file
     dump-file should be in the format produced with quotadump(8).  The quotas, expiration times,
     and configured grace times listed in the dump file are loaded into the named file system.
     The file-system argument should be a file or directory on the (mounted) file system, not a
     device special file.

     If the -d option is given, quota entries on the file system that are not mentioned in the
     dump file will be deleted.  Otherwise, they are left alone.

     If the dump-file is not specified, standard input is used.

     quota(1), libquota(3), fstab(5), edquota(8), quotadump(8)

     The quotarestore command appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

BSD					February 11, 2012				      BSD
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