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QUOTA(1)										 QUOTA(1)

       quota - display disc usage and limits

       quota [ -qv ] [ user ]

       Quota  displays	users'	disc  usage and limits.  Only the super-user may use the optional
       user argument to view the limits of users other than himself.

       The -q flag prints a more terse message, containing only information on file systems where
       usage is over quota.

       If  a  -v flag is supplied, quota will also display user's quotas on file systems where no
       storage is allocated.

       Quota reports only on file systems which have disc quotas.  If quota exits with a non-zero
       status, one or more file systems are over quota.

       quota(2), quotaon(8)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		  April 29, 1985				 QUOTA(1)
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