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Old 08-17-2001
Network Modem Problems

*breathe in* *breathe out*
Okay, I managed to get Linux installed on my 2nd harddrive with my primary running windows.. but I'm having alittle problem getting linux to 'like' my modem.. (a 3com)... it just won't let me use it. I configure my internet connection how it should (give me some credit here.. I -know- it's not that).. but every time I try to debug or go to the internet, the handshake doesn't pass the modem.. it says that it 'cannot initalize modem' ... very frustrating.. I even got a message box that if it is a windows modem.. (are 3com modems all specifically for windows?.. anyhow...).. that if it is a windows modem, it might not -ever- work with linux. (major bummer)...
can some one help me out a bit here?..
[thanks in advance]
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Old 08-17-2001

Do you know the model of modem? Can you use rp3 to talk to it? How are you dialing? (script, wvdial / rp3, other)

And, I have to ask, did you read up on securing your machine (turning off unneeded / unconfigured services, etc.) before poppoing it online? Remember, it's based on an architecture meant for server use, so you have to turn stuff off...

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Old 08-17-2001

I haven't the slightest idea.. i'll go dig up the docuentation on my comp and find out the make and model and stuff.. but I dont know how I'm talking to it.. how to turn off uneeded services.. ect... I just managed to boot up linux for the first time yesterday.. and I've never touched this operating system before that...
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Old 08-17-2001

read up a little at redhat.. (didn't help my problem any though).. my situation is I have a winmodem and I"m trying to use rp3 to connect to my PPP.. and Linux doesn't like my modem because it requires drivers to connect out (the drivers only exist in windows though)... so I"m guessing that i'll have to get a new modem... right?
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Old 08-17-2001
Re: okay...

Originally posted by cHiCkEn
so I"m guessing that i'll have to get a new modem... right?
Right. Get a good quality external modem, and you will be fine. Any standard external modem will work with is often easier to get one of these than to try to find an internal that works properly. If you must have internal, you should look for one that does not use "HSP" or Host Signal Processing. Also check for Winmodems that are beginning to be supported under Linux.
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Old 08-17-2001
PxT makes a good point. It is always easier for newbie users to start with external modems and similar devices because they don't have to worry about bus conflicts and other tricks.

After you master the external device, you can consider more 'compact' internal bus configuration. Even the 'old masters' have trouble-on-the-bus sometimes. Newbies should keep-it-simple.
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Old 08-18-2001
Question okay..

Well, I have been e-mailing a friend of mine that deals in computer parts.. and he was saying that he can get me a Zoom(tm) modem for me that (he says) will work with Linux.. you guys know anything about Zoom's compatability.. (I'm not sure if it's internal or external).

(btw, thnx for your help)
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