Modem problem: "Sorry, modem is busy"

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Old 01-11-2002
Modem problem: "Sorry, modem is busy"

I have a little prob with dialing up to the internet... When I try connect, it says "Sorry, modem is busy"...


56K modem
Slackware 8.0
Kernel 2.4.5

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Old 01-12-2002
You must be using an internal modem to dial up. And UNIX can not
support internal modems very well. the solution:
1. re-configure your kernel to find the modem hardware.
2. use an external modem to have a try.
3. download a driver program to support your internal modem under UNIX.
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Old 01-12-2002
Thing is, I have a laptop... How do you fix an internal modem to a laptop?

Does anyone know how you can get the manufacturer of the modem without opening the machine?

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Old 01-17-2002
Your BEST bet is to purchase an External Modem, and modem cable and connect your modem to one of your serial ports on your notebook/laptop computer. UNIX nor Linux handles internal modems very well.
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Old 01-17-2002
Linux doesn't handle winmodems very well - I've never had a problem with an internal, non-winmodem. First off, see if you have modemtool, that can automate the linking of the serial device to /dev/modem... If you are using the incorrect device (for example try to dial out on the mouse port), since the port may be in use (or non-responsive), you'll get errors.
Also, what kind of laptop are you using, what Linux are you using, and (just to clarify) you're using a true internal, not a PCMCIA, right?
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