File names that contain "01" act hidden

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Old 06-07-2001
i would say it is a one of two things.

user error

no offense but it is usually the latter.
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Old 06-09-2001
The Solution IS

The same thing happened with me but we found the solution(Solaris)Solaris
See your PATH variable must be /usr/bin/ls , this is where ls command is searched for when you give ls command. Now if you want to see the 01 files also in fact all the files in your directory then add /usr/xpg4/bin/ls in your PATH variable before /usr/bin/ls path. Or if you are not using solaris then give man ls and look whether there is any alternative path where ls command is located. If yes then try using that path.
I bet this will work since it worked for me.
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