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Old 06-07-2001
As optimus says a tar ball is a tar file, which is a file consisting of an archive of other files. This archive file can be extracted to open and copy out all the files in it.

Read the instructions on how to use the tarball - it is most likely one that has been made absolutely, meaning you can extract it anywhere in the filesystem thus:

tar xvf /name/of/tarball

If it has been made relatively, however, you need to be in the correct directory because the files will extract wherever you run the command.

It is most likely of the former type.

By the way Neo, how does one compile PHP into the Apache binary? Also, I know not strictly a UNIX question, but do you or anyone else have any opinions on PHP Nuke as a web site strategy and any good tutorials on how to use it? (can't seem to find much in the way of tutorials at phpnuke.org).

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Old 06-07-2001
"Select modules to compile into Apache in the Configuration file. Uncomment lines corresponding to those optional modules you wish to include (among the AddModule lines at the bottom of the file), or add new lines corresponding to additional modules you have downloaded or written"

check out http://httpd.apache.org/docs/install.html
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Old 06-07-2001
Cool Optimus, thanks. Smilie
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Old 06-07-2001
no problem.
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