DEBUG_PROG and opts: parameter not set

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Old 11-07-2002
DEBUG_PROG and opts: parameter not set

I am using a Sun Ultra 30 with 250MG of RAM and 9GIG of hard drive. I connect to the machine via Exceed 6 and have the Oracle8i for Solaris in the cdrom drive. I have read and complied with Oracle's instruction in preparation to installing Oracle. Since I don't have enough space to cp the content of both CD's in the Ultra30, I run the ./runInstaller from the cdrom. However, I get two errors when I try to install it and no one I know has ever seen this and I don't know how to fix it so that Oracle is installed and I can learn and practice for my DBA exam.

Here is these errors I get:

Alex:/cdrom/oracle8i_se > ./runInstaller
Alex:/cdrom/oracle8i_se > Initializing Java Virtual Machine from /tmp/OraInstall/jre/bin/jre. Please wait...
/tmp/OraInstall/jre/bin/jre[91]: DEBUG_PROG: parameter not set

Alex:/cdrom/oracle8i_se > ./runInstaller
Alex:/cdrom/oracle8i_se > Initializing Java Virtual Machine from /tmp/OraInstall/jre/bin/jre. Please wait...
/tmp/OraInstall/jre/bin/jre[91]: opts: parameter not set

Alex:/cdrom/oracle8i_se >

I have looked on Oracle for assistance and got nothing. Can anyone help??

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Old 11-08-2002
Have you set your display back to your p.c. (or workstation ) you are connecting from? Normally this would give a different error (can't open display) but it's possible.

Once you sign into the server via Exceed, set display to your IP address (from workstation)

Either setenv DISPLAY

Also, you either need to be root or oracle user to do the install - follow the instructions that come with the product. You would proabably have to set up the oracle user and create the proper environment for it. Then do a su - to that user. Check your documentation.

The only other possible issue I can think of is that you don't have the correct path for java. Again, this should be documented in the installation guide.

Here is an example only of some of the steps in other types of Oracle installations: Note - I did put 'example only' - follow your documentation!!!

From SunSolve:

Create oracle users and add a group called dba to the /etc/group file
Make sure the oracle userid is the same on both nodes.

Here's the group file:


1. cp /etc/skel/local.cshrc and local.login to oracle's home directory

2. Edit .cshrc and add the oracle environment:

# @(#)cshrc 1.11 89/11/29 SMI
umask 022
set path=(/bin /usr/bin /usr/ucb /etc /export/oracle/7.1.6/bin .)

setenv ORACLE_SID oracle
setenv ORACLE_HOME /export/oracle/7.1.6

if ( $?prompt ) then
set history=32

NOTE: Oracle recommends making the ORACLE_SID parameter different on each node.
They recommend that you use the name of the database and a 1 and 2 after
it. For example, oracle1 and oracle2.

3. Make a directory called 7.1.6 (the oracle rev) in oracle's home directory.
This is where all the oracle executables will go.

4. Make sure .rhosts and hosts.equiv are set up so that you can rcp files back
and forth. When you install oracle, you install on one machine and the
installation program copies files to the second node.

5. Edit /etc/system and add the following section for shared memory to the
bottom of the file:

* set up shared memory for oracle
set semsys:seminfo_semmni=70
set semsys:seminfo_semmns=200
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmin=1
set shmsys:shm_info_shmmni=100
set shmsys:shm_info_shmseg=10
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=8388608
set semsys:seminfo_semmsl=50

NOTE: Before you begin installing oracle, make sure that the pdb is running
and all the volumes are owned by oracle.

6. Mount the oracle cdrom:

# mount -r -F hsfs /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s0 /cdrom

7. Run the orainst program as oracle:

% cd /cdrom/oracle/orainst

8. Set ORACLE_TERM to xsun if in xterm. Set ORACLE_TERM to sun if in cmdtool
% setenv ORACLE_TERM xsun
% orainst

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