"ksh: XYZ: parameter not set" in .profile

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Old 10-30-2013
"ksh: XYZ: parameter not set" in .profile


A very basic query.
I am working on two different UNIX servers and I see different behaviours for my user id. This has to be a setting in the .profile, but I can't seem to find where Smilie

So, in one server if I type echo $XYZDD (a random variable), I get a blank line with no value.
In the other server if I type echo $XYZDD, it says
"ksh: XYZDD: parameter not set"

Any ideas?

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Old 10-30-2013
it's likley to be set -u you could turn it off with set +u

Some places to to look:

This User Gave Thanks to Chubler_XL For This Post:
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Old 10-30-2013
You're right!
Didn't think of the "set" command at all. Very interesting. Thanks a lot.
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