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Old 07-01-2002
I have never seen anyone attempt to attack a unix system via a true virus. And the only true unix virus that I ever saw were written by researchers just to demonstrate that it could be done. Worms and trojan horses are the primary problems. And some folks call these (incorrectly) viruses, especially if they involve machine language payloads.

But note that the rlogin bug only requires that the rlogin executable be present on the system. You don't need to allow the r-cmds protocol on your network. You don't need to be running or even have a rlogind anywhere. You don't even need to have connected your system to a network. If you have a broken rlogind executable on your system, any non-root user can use it to become root.

And code delivered to your system via a trojan horse or worm might try it. And rlogin was just an example anyway. Most of the attacks on unix in the past decade have used buffer overrruns.
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freshclam(1)							  Clam AntiVirus						      freshclam(1)

freshclam - update virus databases SYNOPSIS
freshclam [options] DESCRIPTION
freshclam is a virus database update tool for ClamAV. OPTIONS
Freshclam reads its configuration from freshclam.conf. The settings can be overwritten with command line options. -h, --help Output help information and exit. -V, --version Print version number and exit. -v, --verbose Be verbose. This option causes freshclam to print much additional information. --quiet Be quiet - output only error messages. --no-warnings Don't print and log warnings. --stdout Write all messages to stdout. -l FILE, --log=FILE Write download report to FILE. --datadir=DIRECTORY Install new database in DIRECTORY. The directory must be writable for the '' user or unprivileged user running freshclam. -u USER, --user USER Run as USER. By default (when started by root) freshclam drops privileges and operates as the '' user. -d, --daemon Run in a daemon mode. This option requires --checks. -p FILE, --pid=FILE Write daemon's pid to FILE. --no-dns This option forces old non-DNS verification method (without a TTL delay). -c #n, --checks=#n Check #n times per day for a new database. #n must be between 1 and 50. --daemon-notify=/path/to/clamd.conf Notify the daemon about the new database. By default it reads a hardcoded config file but you can use a different one. Both local and TCP sockets are supported. -a IP, --local-address=IP Use (local) IP for HTTP downloads. Useful for multi-homed systems. If binding fails for whatever reason, a warning is issued and freshclam behaves like without this flag. --on-error-execute=COMMAND Execute COMMAND if error occurred. Remember, that virus database freshness is the most important thing in anti-virus system. With this option freshclam can alert you (eg. send SMS) when something is going wrong. --on-update-execute=COMMAND Execute COMMAND after successful update. --on-outdated-execute=COMMAND Execute COMMAND when freshclam reports outdated version. In the command string %v will be replaced by the new version number. --list-mirrors Print mirror details from mirrors.dat (cache file for the mirror manager). --submit-stats[=/path/to/clamd.conf] Upload detection statistics to the ClamAV Project (see freshclam.conf(5):SubmitDetectionStats for more details). No database update will be performed. This option only works in the interactive mode. EXAMPLES
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/etc/freshclam.conf CREDITS
Please check the full documentation for credits. AUTHOR
Tomasz Kojm <> SEE ALSO
freshclam.conf(5), clamd(8), clamd.conf(5), clamscan(1) ClamAV 0.96.1 February 12, 2007 freshclam(1)