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Old 11-20-2002
virus detection

IS there virus software for unix? I worked in a Solaris environment and dont remember having anything. I also ask because the current enviroment i am working on is Microsoft and they argue that they do not use unix because of virus detection. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 11-20-2002
whoever said that...

viruses per se, don't really apply to unix (there are trojan horses, etc, that can do a great deal of damage though).

here is some snippet from a pdf found on the above site:

" The UNIX operating system is a secure environment, relatively unaffected by computer viruses. The DOS and Windows environment, however, is different. DOS computers have no security and are very susceptible to virus infections. Because DOS system viruses don't affect UNIX systems, you might ask: “Why
should I be concerned?”

One reason for concern is that DOS- and Windows-based computers are rapidly appearing on the Internet-and most of these computers use the Internet for file transfer. A UNIX server might still harbor DOS system viruses and, while not itself affected, can pass them on to numerous DOS- and Windows-based clients. Rather than trying to block viruses at each DOS- and Windows-based computer connected to a UNIX system, you can install the VirusScan for UNIX software and use it as an efficient centralized solution. "

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