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Old 03-18-2001

On my Intel PC I have 4GB HDD on which I installed Solaris. I also installed 30GB HDD but the bios does not recognize anything beyond 8GB and that is what Solaris picks up. Under WinNT is an utility that allows me to access and format the full capacity of this 30GB HDD no matter what the bios says, is there a way to do it on Solaris as well? What I need the help with is:
** How do I mount a HDD disk, do I have to rerun installation like the first time to mount it?
** How do I format it to the full capacity, 30GB and not only upto 8GB?
Thanks very much.
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Old 03-18-2001
I suggest you upgrade your motherboard or BIOS to a more modern version. All the modern releases recognize large disks. The same is true for both BIOs and UNIX kernels. Motherboards with modern BIOS are very cheap these days. UNIX kernels (many good flavors) are also free or almost free. What motherboard and kind/version of BIOs are you running, BTW? What is the year of the release?
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Old 03-18-2001

Well I downloaded the latest BIOS from Dell since that is where the machine came from but now the system does not recognize any HDD so I am trying to figure out how to fix lots of hardware problems. It seems like the BIOS I got from Dell has a big bug(!?). I get blue screens and nothing wants to work.
Would you know how to excess the kernel or is it in the BIOS and remove either the NT or Solaris?
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Old 03-18-2001
A couple of questions:

(1) When the system BIOS is running (before kernel boot strap/time) can you access the BIOS (using the DELETE key or whatever)?

(2) During the BIOs period above, does the system messages indicate that the hard disks are found? network cards? etc?

If (1) and (2) are OK, your new BIOs is fine. The problem is that your Master Boot Record or other boot blocks on the hard disk do not match the new BIOs (just an educated guess from the other end of the screen).

If the BIOS is operating properly, then you will have to reinstall the OS on top of the new BIOS. Before you do, you might consider reinstalling the old BIOS and making a backup of your important files. When you are satisfied, then reinstall the new BIOS (first) and reinstall the OS (second) on the new BIOS.

I can't speak about NT because all my back-office servers are Linux or other UNIXes. In my Linux systems, I've often changed BIOS or complete boards with old versions of the OS and never had any problem in the initial boot (using the old disk partitions). However, I normally rebuild a kernel immediately on the new board/BIOs, including rebuilding the disks with FDISK etc (and mount the old filesystem later).

Sounds like you are on the right track. You can also build an entire new OS on a new disk partition and mount the old disk(s) to recover files. Sorry, but my NT knowledge is weak because I can do all the 'server-side-stuff' on UNIX and don't have a reason for an NT server. Perhaps someone who is an NT guru can jump in and help in that area?

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Old 03-19-2001
You're very correct. It is the MBR problem. I'll do as you suggested and that is to reinstall the old BIOS.
Thank you very much.
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