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Old 02-18-2002
Java OpenBSD installation


I'm trying to install OpenBSD on my computer..

My partitions are these:

wd0c : Where I have windows XP (NTFS)
wd0j : Where I want to install OpenBSD (4.2BSD)
wd0k: Where I have the installation files (Fat32)

When the installation comes to the part where it mounts the filesystems, it says this: You have set up the following mountpoints:

wd0a: /
wd0j: /

wd0a doesn't even exist!

When the installation tries to mount it, it fails.. and I have to start over.. I can't unset the mount-point for wd0a, because it doesn't exist..

What can I do??

I also have a problem with windows XP.. when I've set the fstype to 4.2BSD on the partition I want to install to, windows XP doesn't start.. why?

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Old 02-19-2002
Is there extra space on your hard drive that is unpartitioned before installing OpenBSD? Windows cannot share a partition with OpenBSD. And I think that wd0c represents the whole drive - you can't just format it as a partition.

A common way of doing things:
1) install windows first - only use half of the disk, so you have unused, unpartitioned space...
2) now install OpenBSD, using the remaining space.

I hope I'm on the right track here. Please let us know if you are still unable to install...
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Old 02-19-2002
Ok.. but I need one partition, where I have the installation files.. I dont have a cd..

What files do I need on the cd? If I would like to make one..
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Old 02-19-2002
If you have a CD burner, it's not too hard... I made one not too long ago that was bootable, etc... First, read the INSTALL.i386 file, found at: in /pub/OpenBSD/3.0/i386

Grab the files that you need (You'll probably want most of them, but not all. See the above file for what you need exactly.).

Now, head on over to for some fairly good instructions...

You'll need to change some of his commands to fit your own file names and directory structure, though.

NOTE: If you find a ready-made OpenBSD ISO image online, do not use it! Not only is it against the modest license of the OpenBSD project, but since it comes from an untrusted source, it may contain foul code. If possible, order the CD from OpenBSD - help keep it available for everyone to use!

Also, if you have a high-speed connection, you can install via FTP. It's very quick and easy... All you have to do is download and make a bootdisk, then boot up from it, and begin the installation.

Hope this helps; please post back if you have any specific questions.
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Old 02-19-2002
Okay, thanks Smilie
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Old 02-20-2002
Just one more stupid question..

When I create a openBSD cd.. how should the folders be?



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Old 02-21-2002
That would be a good way to do it, but you don't have to do it that way. If I remember correctly, when you boot from the disk, it asks you to specify the path to those two folders... So just remember where you put them!
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