mkdev tape problem

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mkdev tape problem

SCO 5.0.5

Our system hiccuped last week during mkdev tape command.
Actually was at the point where it generated a kernel to reflect the new scsi tape I was trying to add and the system appeared to hang and we aborted the process.

starting fresh no tape devices defined.
run mkdev tape define 1 scsi tape device
regen the kernel and reboot
and 3 tape devices appear (0,1,2).
Can not delete device 1 or 2 but deleting device 0 deletes all 3.

Must be value stuck somewhere in the system anyone know where to look or how to fix this ? THANK YOU

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AMRMTAPE(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       AMRMTAPE(8)

amrmtape - remove a tape from the Amanda database SYNOPSIS
amrmtape [ -n ] [ -v ] [ -q ] [ -d ] config label DESCRIPTION
Amrmtape invalidates the contents of an existing backup tape in the configuration database. This is meant as a recovery mechanism when a good backup is damaged either by faulty hardware or user error, e.g. the tape is eaten by the drive or is overwritten. See the amanda(8) man page for more details about Amanda. OPTIONS
-n Generate new tapelist and database files with label removed, but leave them in /tmp and do not update the original copies. -v List backups of hosts and disks that are being discarded. Enabled by default. -q Opposite of -v. -d Run in debugging mode so all executed commands are shown. EXAMPLE
Remove tape labeled DAILY034 from the DailySet1 configuration. # amrmtape DailySet1 DAILY034 AUTHOR
Adrian T. Filipi-Martin <> SEE ALSO
amadmin(8), amanda(8) AMRMTAPE(8)

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