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Old 02-20-2001
I am running a sun enterpirse 420 r with solaris 7 on it . I have a mount that is at 100 percent. It is running oracle on it., not sure version. i cant seen to find what is taking up all the space. is there a ls comand that will tell me the size of a directory and all sub folders in it. or something that can help me track down what is using up the space?
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Old 02-20-2001
du -k | more


find /home -size 20 -exec ls -l {} \;

Change /home to the partition and the size (20) to suit your needs.

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Old 02-21-2001
You can also cd into individual directories and do this:

du -sb *

This will do a summary (in bytes) of each subdirectory. Then,you can cd into the big ones and do the same thing until you find the disk hogs.

Often they are log files, often they are datafiles. Logfiles can be pruned or archived-pruned. Important datafiles are usually moved to a bigger partition (same or other disk, YMMV) and a symbolic link from the new location to the old. After building the workaround, you can then develop a longer-term strategy to reorganize you filesystem.
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