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Old 02-28-2003
and yes, .cshrc will do as well. Smilie

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Major Unix vendors, including Sun Microsystems, HP, IBM, and SGI, have been selling virtualized hardware since before 1990.
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Command similar to doskey

Hello all, I need a help in unix. is there any command in unix similar to doskey in MS Dos. It taked pain to enter the big command again and again.. the up and down arrows do not bring the previous commands on the prompt. so pls let me know if there is any command to enable the doskey kind of... (4 Replies)
Discussion started by: halel
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2. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers


I am a new UNIX user. I use SCO Openserver 5. I am also a longtime MS-DOS user (since 1981). There was a program with DOS called DOSKEY. It allowed you to assign a code to an F key; every time you pressed that F key you got the code on the command line. You could put in whatever command... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: jimwelch4
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ExtUtils::Command(3pm)					 Perl Programmers Reference Guide				    ExtUtils::Command(3pm)

ExtUtils::Command - utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc. SYNOPSIS
perl -MExtUtils::Command -e cat files... > destination perl -MExtUtils::Command -e mv source... destination perl -MExtUtils::Command -e cp source... destination perl -MExtUtils::Command -e touch files... perl -MExtUtils::Command -e rm_f files... perl -MExtUtils::Command -e rm_rf directories... perl -MExtUtils::Command -e mkpath directories... perl -MExtUtils::Command -e eqtime source destination perl -MExtUtils::Command -e test_f file perl -MExtUtils::Command -e test_d directory perl -MExtUtils::Command -e chmod mode files... ... DESCRIPTION
The module is used to replace common UNIX commands. In all cases the functions work from @ARGV rather than taking arguments. This makes them easier to deal with in Makefiles. Call them like this: perl -MExtUtils::Command -e some_command some files to work on and NOT like this: perl -MExtUtils::Command -e 'some_command qw(some files to work on)' For that use Shell::Command. Filenames with * and ? will be glob expanded. FUNCTIONS cat cat file ... Concatenates all files mentioned on command line to STDOUT. eqtime eqtime source destination Sets modified time of destination to that of source. rm_rf rm_rf files or directories ... Removes files and directories - recursively (even if readonly) rm_f rm_f file ... Removes files (even if readonly) touch touch file ... Makes files exist, with current timestamp mv mv source_file destination_file mv source_file source_file destination_dir Moves source to destination. Multiple sources are allowed if destination is an existing directory. Returns true if all moves succeeded, false otherwise. cp cp source_file destination_file cp source_file source_file destination_dir Copies sources to the destination. Multiple sources are allowed if destination is an existing directory. Returns true if all copies succeeded, false otherwise. chmod chmod mode files ... Sets UNIX like permissions 'mode' on all the files. e.g. 0666 mkpath mkpath directory ... Creates directories, including any parent directories. test_f test_f file Tests if a file exists. Exits with 0 if it does, 1 if it does not (ie. shell's idea of true and false). test_d test_d directory Tests if a directory exists. Exits with 0 if it does, 1 if it does not (ie. shell's idea of true and false). dos2unix dos2unix files or dirs ... Converts DOS and OS/2 linefeeds to Unix style recursively. SEE ALSO
Shell::Command which is these same functions but take arguments normally. AUTHOR
Nick Ing-Simmons "" Maintained by Michael G Schwern "" within the ExtUtils-MakeMaker package and, as a separate CPAN package, by Randy Kobes "". perl v5.16.3 2013-03-04 ExtUtils::Command(3pm)

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