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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Doskey Post 34577 by yls177 on Thursday 27th of February 2003 10:21:31 PM
Old 02-27-2003
and yes, .cshrc will do as well. Smilie

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I am a new UNIX user. I use SCO Openserver 5. I am also a longtime MS-DOS user (since 1981). There was a program with DOS called DOSKEY. It allowed you to assign a code to an F key; every time you pressed that F key you got the code on the command line. You could put in whatever command... (2 Replies)
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Command similar to doskey

Hello all, I need a help in unix. is there any command in unix similar to doskey in MS Dos. It taked pain to enter the big command again and again.. the up and down arrows do not bring the previous commands on the prompt. so pls let me know if there is any command to enable the doskey kind of... (4 Replies)
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af_misc(3)						    Attribute Filesystem (AtFS) 						af_misc(3)

af_afname, af_afpath, af_aftype, af_afuser, af_setarchpath, af_version - miscellaneous AtFS functions SYNOPSIS
#include <atfs.h> char *af_afname (char *path) char *af_afpath (char *path) char *af_aftype (char *path) Af_user*af_afuser (uit_t uid) char *af_setarchpath (char *path) char *af_version (void) DESCRIPTION
The functions af_afname, af_afpath and af_aftype extract name, syspath or type from a given (operating system dependent) file identifica- tion. In an UNIX environment, a given pathname of the form /usr/lib/libatfs.a leads to afname libatfs, afpath /usr/lib and aftype a. If no path (eg. otto.c), or no type (eg. /usr/hugo/Makefile) is given, the corresponding routine returns an empty string. A period as first character in a filename is always considered to be part of the name (e.g. .cshrc has the name .cshrc and an empty type string). "." and ".." are recognized as names. Archive file extensions and AtFS specific path extensions are stripped from the resulting name resp. pathname. Note: af_afname, af_afpath and af_aftype use static memory for the returned results. Subsequent calls of the same function overwrite for- mer results. af_afuser returns an AtFS user identification which consists of the login name of the user identified by uid, the current host and the cur- rent domain. Uid_t is defined according to the return type of getuid (2) on your system. The Af_user type has the following structure typedef struct { charaf_username[MAXUSERNAMELEN]; charaf_userhost[MAXHOSTNAMELEN]; charaf_userdomain[MAXDOMAIN+1]; } Af_user; af_setarchpath defines the location of the AtFS archive files. A nil-pointer given as path-argument clears the former setting of the global archive path. af_setarchpath returns the old global archive path. Initially, no global archive path is set. In this case, all archive files are stored in a subdirectory called AtFS, relative to the directory where corresponding busy version resides. af_version returns a string that names the version and the creator of the currently used AtFS library. SEE ALSO
getuid(2) AtFS-1.71 Fri Jun 25 14:33:12 1993 af_misc(3)

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