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Old 10-30-2001
Data NFS and windows2000 Server


We use an WIN2000 NT Server and some Unix (Scitex Brisque) in our prepress network.
We want to create a folder onto the unix machine which is visible for the NTServer. The nfs apllication is Disk Acces.
The people at scitex told me to that I'd to make an export folder so the unix machine can see it.
The question is : How do i do that on a WIN200 NT Server machine with dsk acces running?

With disk acces I'm able to see the unix machine but not the other way around.
Is there someone who can help Me????

Kind Regards,

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Old 10-30-2001

Instead of using NFS I think it's better to install a SAMBA server on your Unix machine.
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Old 10-30-2001
Reply Samba Servers

I would want to do that but I'm not in a position to change the Unix machine.
I need to search a solution on my NT server.
I'll just have to keep on looking,...
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Old 10-30-2001
NFS is a viable solution when Samba is not possible.

My suggestion would be to set up a Linux box and make sure you can do NFS between the UNIX server and the Linux box. When you can sucessfully do this; then proceed to a UNIX-->W2K configuration. First, try UNIX<--->UNIX NFS.
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