ftp problem from linux to windows2000 server

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Operating Systems Linux ftp problem from linux to windows2000 server
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Old 01-17-2008
ftp problem from linux to windows2000 server

Hi All,

I was trying to ftp multiple files from my windows to my linux box, everything gets transfered but unfortunately some of them are corrupted.

I found out that some of the files are in Ascii and some are binary, but since most of the files I'm trying to send are Ascii...the big ones binary are getting corrupted.

Would there be anyway that I can make the ftp program to determine if the file is either binary or ascii?

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Old 01-17-2008
If you use a good windows client such as FileZilla - The free FTP solution it will usually get this stuff right.
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Old 01-31-2008
Thanks for the reply, unfortunately filezilla is a gui based ftp program and when you use this via command line the basic features like automatic detection of files in binary/ascii does not work.

I was thinking of just sticking with my regular ftp and tar these files then set it to binary. I'm still considering changing the ftp program as I don't want to botther my folks in waiting for it to untar. ^^

I've had the similar thread right about somewhere, and I'm trying the lcp,wget and another one. Hope its the one I'm looking for.

More power to you all. Thanks.
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