networking solaris8 with windows2000

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Old 07-01-2001
networking solaris8 with windows2000

I am a real newbie to linux/unix and need alot of help. I have been trying to find through books and internet , how to change the network properties(ip address,subnet mask, protocols,ect..)But I cant seem to find out how.Also do I need to install samba to network to other windows machines on a peer to peer windows 2000 network.
Thanks to all replies,
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Old 07-02-2001
You can try looking at There you can find a lot of documentations about Sun Products (including Solaris)

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Old 07-02-2001
There are several ways to change the IP/hostname, issuing a sys-unconfig as root will unname the system and when it reboots it will walk you through the network parameters "wizard style". This may erase more than you want though. You can also edit these files and reboot:
/etc/hostname.hme0 (the hme0 might be different depending on your hardware. could be le0 or qfe0)

Samba will allow your Windows machine to map network drives to the UNIX filesystem. As long as the boxes are both networked and have a route between them (or are on the same subnet), you should be able to ftp files between them.
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