How to print results from two lines using awk?

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Old 08-21-2013
Hi Rudic,

Sorry for bothering again. I did some tests with your command and I found a small problem:

When the strings that are set as boundaries for my xlf file paths (ie, "fullpath:" and "-cfver") are truncated because of a carriage return in the file, then the command does not work.

For example, in the following two cases the path is not found because the strings are truncated:

protocol_fusion:@&jdbc_db_addr -dbuser &un_apps -file &fullpath:hcm:hcm/hrx/db/data/HcmLocUSTop/HcmLocUSHRRptsTop/HcmLocUSHRRptsInterfaces/IW:ReportRecordAllSD.xlf -cf
ver &amp;last_applied_version -nls]</pre>

 protocol_fusion:@&amp;jdbc_db_addr -dbuser &amp;un_apps -file &amp;fullpa
th:hcm:hcm/hrx/db/data/HcmLocUSTop/HcmLocUSHRRptsTop/HcmLocUSHRRptsInterfaces/IW:ReportRecordAllSD.xlf -cfver &amp;last_applied_version -nls]</pre>

Is there a way to override this problem?

Thanks a million.
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Old 08-21-2013
As that <newline> can occur in any position of fullpath or cfver, you might need to check for every single combination - a tedious process but doable.
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