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Old 08-06-2001
boot problems

i have windows 2000 on hda. when i was running freebsd on hdb, i installed their boot manager and it worked fine.

today i installed suse linux on hdb in place of freebsd, but the freebsd boot manager is still there. it will boot windows but has some problems trying to boot linux. the boot manager looks like this:
F1 - Windows
F5 - Disk 1
disk 1 has suse linux on it. when you press F5, instead of giving you one simple "linux" option, it lists every linux partition, looks something like this:
F1 - Linux
F2 - Swap
F3 - Linux
F5 - Disk 0
right after it prints that menu to the screen it freezes, so i can't boot linux unless i use the cds and yast2's "boot an exisiting system" feature.

how can i remove freebsd's boot manager?

i don't remember exactly where i put it during freebsd installation but i must have written it to the master boot record or something like that since linux installation didn't get rid of it.

any help would be great.

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Old 08-06-2001
I had somewhat the same problem so I booted to a DOS Disk and typed this into the command prompt at A:\


I ran this 3 times in sucession

rebooted and Lilo showed: li_ and froze again.

I reran the fdisk /mbr two more times and rebooted

up came Windows straight away.

I hope that helps.


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