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Finding files through Thunar

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Old 09-26-2009
Finding files through Thunar

I have xfce installed with thunar as the file manager. It would be very productive to have a tool that allows the user to find files, similar to catfish (which seems to have been developed by the Ubuntu team). Does such a utility exist for non-Ubuntu OS's?

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backup-manager(8)					      System Manager's Manual						 backup-manager(8)

backup-manager - An easy to use backup tool for your Linux box. SYNOPSIS
backup-manager [options] DESCRIPTION
Backup Manager is an easy-to-use tool for generating archives. It is designed with simplicity in mind for those who don't want an obfuscated tool for making tarballs. There are different methods for building archives: tarballs, incremental tarballs, mysql dumps, svn dump. You can also write your own method with a generic method that will execute a command and will archive its output. Every times you run Backup Manager, you can upload archives thanks to a couple of upload methods: through FTP, SSH or even with RSYNC. It's also possible to export your archives to removable media like CDR or DVD. CONFIGURATION FILES
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If you find a bug or want to submit a wish-list to the development team, feel free to use the official Bug Tracking System: WEBSITE
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backup-manager-upload(8), ssh-keygen(1) AUTHOR
Alexis Sukrieh <> backup-manager(8)

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