TRUE Unix-64 Printer Driver for HP-6L laserjet.

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Special Forums UNIX Desktop Questions & Answers TRUE Unix-64 Printer Driver for HP-6L laserjet.
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Old 03-31-2002
Question TRUE Unix-64 Printer Driver for HP-6L laserjet.

Can anyone suggest me from where to download the printer driver for HP 6L laserjet printer for servers/desktops having TRUE Unix-64 and Unixware 7.0 OS.
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Old 04-11-2002
From HP's support pages:

HP LaserJet Printers - UNIX (R) Driver, Model Script, and PrintCap

ISSUE: Need information on obtaining a UNIX printer driver (Model Script or Printcap file).

SOLUTION: Like MS-DOS (R), UNIX does not include a printer driver as part of the operating system, although it is necessary to define a printer to print through UNIX.

UNIX printer information is found in either a Printcap or Model Script file or possibly with the I/O card configuration information. Some UNIX operating systems use a configuration or setup program to set up or designate printers.
Contact a UNIX vendor for a Printcap or Model Script file or for help in configuring a system to accept a printer. For HP-UX systems (HP's UNIX system), contact an HP-UX sales representative.
NOTE: Certain Model Script files are shipped with HP Jetadmin software. These files can be found with the HP Jetadmin software or downloaded with the HP Jetadmin software (see the HP contact information below). For printers under HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Sun OS that are connected with HP Jetdirect, see the HP contact information below.

Printers that are connected parallel cannot use HP Jetadmin or Model Scripts. Call a UNIX vendor.

Each software program - such as WordPerfect and Lotus (R) - should provide its own printer drivers. Contact the software vendor for the driver.

SUMMARY: The Printcap or Model Script file configures the port of the UNIX machine, and allows the UNIX machine to set up a definition of the printer. These files are similar to a MODE statement in MS-DOS.

Printcap files are used in UNIX BSD systems such as:
SunOS (Solaris)
Ultrix (DEC)
Model Script files are used in UNIX System V (5) systems such as:
Model scripts are usually installed through a setup program within the UNIX program. (For example, in HP-UX, there is a program called SAM that is used to configure the printer setup.)
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